Property Management

What Are The Major Responsibilities Of The Property Manager?

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The property managers are the people hired for overseeing the operations on daily basis of the real estates investments for the landlords. They have a major role in the investments success because they have the control on the majority of property aspects as well its tenants. Surely, a greater level of responsibility is inflicted on the property managers with such control. Below the major role of the property managers is discussed in detail:


The rents of the landlords are handled by the property managers who are the in charge of the property. They should be equipped with the essential details of real estate industry to work as experts as well as the property managers are looked upon to do works like the setting of the rent prices of the houses for rent Truganina and they also adjust it in accordance with their throughout managements duration. This does not end here, as they are expected to oversee the propertys rent collection from its tenants. At times, this may even include the enforcement of penalties for the late payments of rents.


The property managers are also responsible for maintaing and taking care of the conditions of properties. They make sure that the property is in mint condition and appropriate and suitable for the tenants for living in it. Tenancy agreement outlines the specific details, often, and then the property managers are, generally, responsible for the following issues:

Gutters and drains are clear

Some of the emergency repairs

Smoke alarms

Light bulbs

Pest and building inspections

When the property is vacant for longer period of time, then it is solely the responsibility of the property managers to ensure the security of the property as well as prevent it from any sort of damage.


The property managers are more importantly responsible for managing the tenants. They make sure to screen, find out, and manage the tenants for the landords ease and benefits. The tenants are majorly contacted by them. This highlights the major point that property managers must be able to handle out things such as move outs, complaints, leases, emergencies and evictions.

Paperwork and budgets

It is true that often the landlords set budgets to be spent by the property managers for using it to mainatain and cater emergencies. The budget should be utilized judicially by the property managers as it is their repsonibility. They must keep detailed records of all the matters that are related to the property. This may be inclusive of keeping exact and accurate lists of rent collection, inspections, maintainence and repair costs, lease agreements and insurance costs too.